About Ed Howard and "Ed's Weenies"

"Ed's Weenies" has been in operation since 2005. Ed Howard started the business "as something to do" after he retired from the retail industry, having worked for over 45 years throughout the United States (mostly in New England and the Southwest). The business began with a small push-cart, as a two-day-a-week operation off of Great Road in Littleton. Originally, Ed's Weenies was located on the site where Stan's Farmstand used to be, which is now the location of the new Littleton Police Headquarters. After a year, Ed outgrew the small cart and had a large cart built. Ed's Weenies now operates six days a week (five days in winter) and is located in the parking lot at Gary's Farmstand (600 Great Road, Littleton, MA) with outdoor seating and tables.

Ed's Food and Business

Ed has invested a lot of thought and effort into the products he selects for his menu and how he prepares and serves them. Whether you order the grilled hot dogs on a grilled New England style bun, the chicken salad, the pulled pork, the sausage, the soup, or any other menu item, you can be assured that Ed has put quality and taste front-and-center.

A regional business school uses a case study featuring "Ed's Weenies" to illustrate best practices on how to start and run a successful business.

Community Involvement

One major project of Ed's has been to raise money for the Littleton School Libraries to purchase books — so far over $16,000 of donations have been made. Ed has worked with the schools to promote the direct involvement of kids in the selection of books.

Ed is active in the Littleton branch of the Rotary Club, and has served as a "connecting point" for many groups and individuals in the community.


  • Monday — Saturday
    10:30 am to 2:30 pm
    Closed Sundays

Ed's Location

  • Gary's Farmstand
    600 Great Road, Littleton, Massachusetts

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